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Get the skills you need without leaving GitHub. GitHub Learning Lab takes you through a series of fun and practical projects, sharing helpful feedback along the way.

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Learn from GitHub

The Learning Lab bot will guide you through projects and provide feedback right from your GitHub repository, helping you build every step of the way.

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GitHub Learning Lab bot commented just now

This issue is unassigned 😞

Unassigned issues don't have someone to look after them. Assigned issues and pull requests tell visitors to your repository that you'll be facilitating this particular conversation 💪.

📝 Activity

  1. On the right side of the screen, under the Assignees section, click assign yourself.

Track your learning

Level up your GitHub skills with a series of challenges and activities—and see your progress as you complete them.

  • Assign yourself

    Completed 2 hours ago
  • Turn on GitHub Pages

    Completed 2 hours ago
  • Close an issue

    Cease a conversation by closing an issue.

  • Create a branch

    Create a branch for introducing new changes.

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Receive instant feedback

Get feedback on your work as soon as you finish it. The Learning Lab bot will review and comment on your pull requests like a project collaborator would.

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Show off your accomplishments

See all the courses you’ve completed on your GitHub Learning Lab profile page.

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Build your skills

No matter your skill level, there’s a course for you. Learn the basics of GitHub or jump right into managing merge conflicts.

Getting started

It’s easy to connect GitHub Learning Lab to your account, kick off your courses, and start building your skills.

Install the app

Install GitHub Learning Lab on your account in just a few clicks to begin using the app from your GitHub repositories.

Register for a course

Join a course from the course index. GitHub Learning Lab will create a new repository to work with you as you learn.

Learn by doing

Complete a series of bite-sized steps to finish to a course. The Learning Lab bot will help you out along the way.

Level up your skills

Start your interactive training in GitHub, exactly where you need it.

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