Before Coding Bootcamp Prep Course

This is curriculum for being best prepared before beginning a Web Development Bootcamp.

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This course is meant to help you prepare yourself to get the maximum value out of your bootcamp experience by exposing you to some of the basic foundations before you are immersed in them during your bootcamp.

My name is Alex Merced and about me...

  • I'm the creator of devNursery
  • I'm an instructor for General Assembly Bootcamps []
  • I'm a developer with a wide variety of clients working in diverse technologies

Covered in this Curriculum

  • Basics of HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • The Basics of Essential Tooling (Git, Github, VSCode, Bash Terminal)
  • The Basics of Deploying a Static Website

While you go through the initial lessons it may be beneficial to use these browser based coding tools to get use to the syntax before you dive into local development with VSCode, Node, and other tools.

NOTE: Bash/Terminal is available out of the box on Mac and Linux computers, if you are using windows please download GitBash or even better setup Window Subsystem for Linux.

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Steps to complete this learning path 15
  1. HTML Masterclass

    Introduction to the Basic Ideas and Syntax of HTML (Use to practice

  2. CSS Masterclass

    Introduction to Basic Ideas and Syntax of CSS (use to practice.

  3. Javascript in 60 Minutes

    Learn the Basics of Javascript (use a Node Repl at to follow along)

  4. Tour of Vistual Studio Code

    Learn the Basics of Everyones Favorite Code Editor

  5. VSCode Extensions

    Learn About Extensions that will Make Life Easier

  6. Chrome Dev Tools

    The Chrome Browser can make Debugging a lot Easier

  7. Basics of Bash and Bash Scripting

    Learn the Essentials of the Bash/Terminal/Shell

  8. Git Basics

    The Basics of working with Git to track your code

  9. Setting Up SSH Keys

    Secure Access to your Code with SSH

  10. Working with Remote Repositories

    How to Backup your code to Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket

  11. The Basics of Markdown Files

    How to write documentation for coding projects.

  12. Lab: Introduction to Github

    The Ins and Outs of

  13. Deploying a Static HTML/CSS/JS Website - Part 1

    GH Pages, Netlify, Surge, Heroku

  14. Deploying a Static HTML/CSS/JS Website - Part 2

    Vercel, Firebase, Amplify, Azure Static Sites

  15. Deploying a Static HTML/CSS/JS Website - Part 3


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