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Welcome to the Decentralized Internet! This course will teach you how to get started on the basics of setting up and building your own decentralized application. You will also learn about the core components of the Decentralized Internet SDK. After you know the basics, you can setup your own blockchain infastructure, a communication network, or an interconnected peer node. Get started today developing on a piece of the future!

What you should learn?

You will learn how to build a pipeline for decentralized and P2P communication infastructure.
This includes tools that can be utilized to:

  1. Build an offline centered network
  2. Setup your own blockchain infrastructure
  3. Setup services and micro-applications running on parallel processing instances
  4. Create a cryptocurrency sidechain utilizing Lotion or Tendermint consensus protocols

About the SDK?

This project was created in order to support a new internet. One that is more open, free, and censorship-resistant in comparison to the old internet. An internet that eventually wouldn't need to rely on telecom towers, an outdated grid, or all these other "old school" forms of tech. We believe P2P compatibility is an important part of the future of the net. Grid Computing also plays a role in having a better means of transferring information in a speedy, more cost-efficient and reliable manner.


This course is really introductory. While it sounds complex, you will just be introducted to getting started and the basics so you can load the software and be free to experiment yourself or build your own DAPPS. Currently this is targeted towards all sorts of developers from Data Engineers, Blockchain Architects, to Data Scientists.


Possible careeer paths that rely on this type of technology can include:

  1. Data Engineers
  2. DAPP Developers
  3. Professional Quants
  4. Blockchain Architects
  5. Data Allocation Engineers

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Steps to complete this course 5
  1. Intro + Components

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  2. Look at Clusterpost

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  3. The GridBee Framework

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  4. Looking at LNRChain

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  5. Module 4 + Closing

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