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Create REST server with NodeJS and Express

Learn the basics to create an Express server and follow the REST principles.

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NodeJS and Express are very popular to build web applications now days. With the knowledge of JavaScript you can be powerful applications that can scale for Enterprise needs.

But where do we start? We want to teach you RESTful basics while learning how to create a Web Server with NodeJS

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create an HTTP server
  • Structured your Business Logic
  • Learn how to persist data
Steps to complete this course 12
  1. Create the first endpoint

    Enable continuous integration and make the first endpoint.

  2. Create a Server and fix the build

    Create a Server that would respond with Hello World!

  3. Merge Pull Request

    Merge PullRequest "Hello World!"

  4. Create PR for GET /users

    Add endpoint to fetch all users

  5. First step in the business logic, GET /users

    Deliver your first REST endpoint!

  6. Merge /users Pull Request

    Merge the pull request!

  7. Create PR for GET and POST /user

    Add endpoint to fetch and create a user

  8. GET and POST /user

    fix the tests!

  9. Merge GET/POST /user Pull Request

    merge the pull request

  10. Create PR for DELETE /user

    Add endpoint to fetch and create a user

  11. DELETE /users

    Allow your service to delet users

  12. 🎉 Course Complete

    Nice job!

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