P2P Hack Club's Introduction to GitHub

P2P Hack Club's quick and fun introduction to GitHub. 100% dino approved.

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NOTE: This course is designed for P2P Hack Club in a club meeting, if you are looking for a more general introduction to GitHub, check out the original course that this course is based on: https://lab.github.com/githubtraining/first-day-on-github

Help publish Orpheus's website for their science project, using the GitHub Flow!

GitHub is a code-hosting platform for collaboration. GitHub is a place where anyone can contribute to develop their favorite software, file bug reports, and create their own projects!

It simplifies the process of collaborating with other people, and makes it easy to collaborate on projects.

All of these projects are open-source, which is a type of computer software in which source code is avaliable to view freely online.

Some of your favorite pieces of software, like Firefox, Android, Chrome (based on Chromium), and more are built with open source. If you want to see the source code of your browser, or your phone, you can find it easily online, and even contribute to it!

People use GitHub to build some of the most advanced technologies in the world. Whether you’re visualizing data or building a new game, there’s a whole community and set of tools on GitHub that can help you do it even better.

Now, with GitHub Learning Lab, you’ve got a sidekick along your path to becoming an all-star developer.

From managing notifications to merging pull requests, GitHub Learning Lab’s “Introduction to GitHub” course guides you through everything you need to start contributing in less than an hour. See a word you don't understand? We've included an emoji 📖 next to some key terms. Click on it to see its definition.

What you'll learn

You'll see answers to common questions like:

  • What is GitHub?
  • How does one use GitHub?
  • What are issues and pull requests?
  • How do you create a branch and a commit?
  • How do you use GitHub Pages?

And when you're done you'll be able to:

  • Communicate in issues
  • Manage notifications
  • Create branches
  • Make commits
  • Introduce changes with pull requests
  • Deploy a web page to GitHub pages


None. This course is a great introduction for your first day on GitHub.


P2P Hack Club (and any other curious hackers)


This course has been forked from githubtraining's Introduction to GitHub. Without them, this workshop would not be possible (and the entire course structure and starting text was made by them!).

Please check them out at githubtraining/introduction-to-github.

This course is licensed CC-BY-4.0 (c) 2021 P2P Hack Club.

Dino images are from hackclub/dinosaurs, drawn by the amazing Hack Club community. The images are licensed under the MIT License.

Steps to complete this course 8
  1. Assign yourself

    Assign the first issue to yourself.

  2. Turn on GitHub Pages

    Turn on GitHub Pages in the settings page of the repository.

  3. Close an issue

    Cease a conversation by closing an issue.

  4. Create a branch

    Create a branch for introducing new changes.

  5. Commit a file

    Commit your file to the branch.

  6. Open a pull request

    Open a pull request to propose your new file to the codebase.

  7. Respond to a review

    Respond to a PR review.

  8. Merge your pull request

    Make your changes live by merging your PR.

GitHub Pages
Pull Requests
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