Setting up a Reason React App

Hello and welcome! In this lab we will cover the basic setup needed to build Reason React applications, covering testing, documenting them, building, and releasing them!

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Setting up a Reason React App

NOTE: This is an early alpha of the course that we are iterating on heavily. Please send us your feedback to or tweet to us at @SRC_technology.

Hello and welcome to this Learning Lab on Reason where I will walk you through setting up a Reason project using ReasonReact.

By the end of this course you will have:

🛠 An Editor, set up to work with Reason

🚀 A published ReasonReact application in GitHub pages

Steps to complete this course 7
  1. Welcome

    Get the course started!

  2. Install Dependencies

    Get the repo up and working in your computer

  3. Setting up an Editor

    Install VS Code

  4. Building the Project

    Create project bundle

  5. Testing the Project

    Run the tests in the project.

  6. Verifying the App Works

    Create project bundle

  7. Fin: Wrapping it up!

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39 minutes


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