On September 1, 2022, GitHub Learning Lab will shut down.
Read more on the GitHub blog and check out GitHub Skills for courses backed by GitHub Actions.


Entire response payload sent to course responses

Course authors can now refer to any value in the payload of the GitHub webhook response using {{ ... }} syntax and dot notation directly in the markdown response files. These values no longer need to be explicitly passed through a data: parameter.

See Writing responses to learn more.

Config file supports both `%...%` and `{{ ... }}`

Course authors can now refer to dynamic data using {{...}} syntax in addition to previously supported %...% syntax.

Registration store

Authors can now store and use information about a particular registration across steps in a course.

See Storing information in the documentation to learn more.

GitHub Pages can be auto-enabled

Authors can now enable GitHub Pages for the learner via a Learning Lab action. Use this action to enable GitHub Pages at the beginning of the course, or as needed throughout the course.

See enablePages action to learn how to use it.

Default social images for courses

Courses without a social media preview image get one automatically. When sharing the URL for a Learning Lab course on social media, Learning Lab automatically serves a social card to represent the course.

Courses can now have a custom support link

Authors can now create custom support link and instructions for their course.

See Connecting with users in the documentation for more.

Removed courses' tagline

The tagline field is no longer in use in the catalog.

See Adding or editing catalog content in the documentation to learn which fields are currently in use.

Courses can now have a custom image

Authors can now create a custom image for the course by uploading a social preview image to the course repository.

Courses can now have translations

Courses can now be translated into any language.

See Translating courses in the documentation to learn how!

Courses can now be authored by individuals

Anyone, including individuals with a GitHub account, can now create courses on Learning Lab. Previously, course creation was limited to organizations. Read about it in Course ownership and repositories.

Any organization can create Learning Lab courses

Courses can now be created by anyone with a GitHub organization. Prior, course creation was limited to beta participants and GitHub staff. See the announcement on the GitHub Blog.