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Creates a new file


Include some data to be passed as {{ variables }}:

type: createFile
filename: README.md
  foo: bar

Automatically use the repository's default branch:

type: createFile
filename: response.md

Specify a branch:

type: createFile
filename: response.md
branch: my-feature-branch

Name the file something new in the repository:

type: createFile
filename: example-codeowners.md
new_name: .github/CODEOWNERS


Title Property Description Default Required
File name filename The name of the file to create. This must be a file in the responses folder of your course repository.
Branch branch The branch on which to create the file. This will be the repo's default branch if none is provided.
Message message The commit message for the commit that creates the file.
New name new_name The name of the file to be created. This can include a path, like example/file.md.
Data data An object of data that will be used in the response template. This can include values from the webhook payload, information about the user, or values returned from previous actions in the same step.