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Creates a status on a commit or pull request


Use a conditional to determine the state:

type: createStatus
  left: true
  operator: ===
  right: false
  description: >-
    Your pull request needs a description in the body. Please edit the pull
    request to include a body.
  target_url: 'https://help.github.com/articles/editing-a-comment/'
  description: Your pull request has a body description.
  target_url: >-

Specify a context to be able to overwrite the status in a later action:

type: createStatus
state: failure
context: my-special-context


Title Property Description Default Required
State state The state of the status to create: pending, failure, or success
Error error
Pending pending
Failure failure
Success success
Sha sha The commit sha to create the status for. This will default to the head commit from the webhook payload if available.
Context context A unique identifier for this status - this can be used to overwrite an existing status on the same sha.