Building: Content for the catalog

The course repository contains content in config.yml and that will be used to list your course in the Learning Lab catalog. This section explains that data and how it is used throughout Learning Lab.

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Introduction to the config.yml file

Adding or editing catalog content

In the config.yml

The following fields are automatically added to the config.yml by the course creator. These fields are used throughout the Learning Lab course catalog.

Field Required Description
title The title of your course
tagline A short description of your course
description A slightly longer description of your course

Here's an example of a course's config.yml with these fields.

In the

The file can be accessed by clicking the filename in the left panel of the course builder. Edit the file in the center panel to include:

  • Information on the technology you are teaching
  • How the learner will use it
  • What the learner will be able to do after completing the course
  • How the learner can get help during the course. This may include: an email address, twitter handle, public repository, or community forum you monitor and respond to.

Views of the catalog fields

Learning Lab displays the catalog fields in different ways, depending on the state of the course and the context of the information.

View Screenshot
Catalog in /courses
Course landing page, unregistered
Course landing page, registered