Using the course dashboard

Each of your courses has a dashboard. The dashboard shows things like total registrations, and course progress and completion rate.

Accessing course dashboard

To access a course's dashboard, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the course's page on Learning Lab.
  2. Click ⚙︎ Dashboard

You can access your course's dashboard directly by navigating to, replacing :owner with the owner of your course and :title with a slug for the title of course.

Information on the course dashboard

On the course dashboard, information about the specific course is displayed as an easy way to gauge the health of your course.

metrics dashboard

  • Total registrations: the total number of registations, active and inactive, for the course since it was published
  • Registrations in progress: the number of registered learners that have not completed the course
  • Inactive registrations: the number of registrations that are inactive. Courses become inactive if a learner leaves the course, deletes their repository, or renews their registration to the latest version.
  • Completed registrations: the number of times learners have completed all the steps in the course
  • Created at: the publication date and time of the course from within GitHub Learning Lab
  • Course version: the version of the course and the corresponding commit on the course repository. For more information about course versioning refer to Course versioning.
  • Repository: the course repository from which config and responses are being fed
  • Last updated: the date and time the course repository was last updated, triggered from commits on master in the course repository
  • Visibility: whether the course is public or private
  • Step progress: percentage of step completion within the course