On September 1, 2022, GitHub Learning Lab will shut down.
Read more on the GitHub blog and check out GitHub Skills for courses backed by GitHub Actions.

Import GitHub-built courses

Once you've successfully connected your GitHub Enterprise to the instance of Learning Lab and can sign in, you'll likely want to import the courses that GitHub has designed. As a GHE Admin, visit /admin/courses/install and choose an organization. This will create new repositories in that organization, and will sync them with Learning Lab to allow your users to register for the courses.

You can select which courses you want to import, and you can return to this page later if needed.

Note: The GitHub App must be installed on all repositories in the organization that you select. We recommend creating a new organization for the purposes of Learning Lab administration.

Course installation page

After submitting the form, the application will do the following:

  1. Create two new repositories for each course that you've selected (a course repo and a template repo)
  2. Import the contents of the repositories
  3. Sync them with Learning Lab

Once you see a success message, navigating to /courses should show all of the publicly available courses.

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