Installation prerequisites

Installing GitHub Learning Lab requires:

GitHub Enterprise Server

A licensed copy of GitHub Enterprise Server version 2.13.0 or greater is required. This version introduces GitHub Apps, the primary mechanism Learning Lab uses for its integration with GitHub.

Provision a new server

Ultimately, we'll be running Learning Lab in a Docker container so there are no strict requirements for the host system (as long as it can run Docker normally).

➡️ Make note of the server's URL, which you'll need later as APP_URL.

Installing PostgreSQL

Installation of your PostgreSQL server will vary depending on your host's OS. Below is a non-exhaustive list of resources to help you. Note that if you have existing PostgreSQL infrastructure, you may use that; there are no special requirements for Learning Lab aside from using version 10.10+.

➡️ Make note of the database's URL, which you'll need later as DATABASE_URL.

Installing Redis

Similar to Postgres, Learning Lab has no specific requirements for its Redis instance. If you have an existing Redis server, you may reuse that - otherwise, here are some resources for installing Redis:

➡️ Make note of the Redis URL, which you'll need later as REDIS_URL.

Installing Docker

Learning Lab itself runs in a Docker container, so your host must have Docker installed and be able to run containers. Again, if you have existing infrastructure around Dockerized applications, you will likely be able to use it.

The specific steps to installing Docker will differ depending on the host's operating system. Full instructions can be found on Docker's installation documentation.

Downloading the Learning Lab archive

Download the learning-lab-{{ version }}.tar.bz2 file from the location provided to you by GitHub.

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