Installation quickstart

This guide will walk you through installing GitHub Learning Lab on GitHub Enterprise Server.

1. Download installation prerequisites

GitHub Learning Lab requires a host system, PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker, and a GitHub-provided archive.

2. Register the GitHub App

Learning Lab is a GitHub App, which means that it requires certain credentials and a defined presence on your GitHub Enterprise instance.

3. Import the archive as a Docker image

The Learning Lab archive contains the application and GitHub's courses for import.

4. Run the Docker container

You'll run the container and verify that Learning Lab has started.

5. Upload your license

By navigating to your running application, you should be redirected to a page where you can upload your license.

6. Prepare an organization on your GHE

Learning Lab will use an organization for various important features, including owning the GitHub App and the repositories that house the GitHub-designed courses that are included in the package.

7. Import GitHub's Learning Lab courses (optional)

Learning Lab for GHE ships with all of the publicly available courses that GitHub has designed. This step allows you to import them.

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