Lab Assistants

A team called lab-assistants can be created within an organization to give members of the team the ability to administer the organization and its courses on Learning Lab. Using the Lab Assistants team allows an organization owner to delegate Learning Lab functions to other members of their organization, without the need to make them organization owners.

For example:

  • Mona is tasked with creating Learning Paths for the @github organization. She is a member of the @github org, but not an owner. Making Mona an owner would give her far more access than she needs to do her job. Hubot adds Mona to the team @github/lab-assistants and registers it on Learning Lab. Mona can now create Learning Paths in Learning Lab.
  • Marty is contracted to write courses for @HillValley. He's not an owner of @HillValley because that would give him access to code considered trade secrets. Doc Brown navigates to the @HillValley organization on GitHub, creates a new team called lab-assistants, registers the Lab Assistants team on Learning Lab. Marty can now write courses, but has no access to any new repositories in the organization.

Abilities of Lab Assistants

Members of the Lab Assistants team have the same level of access as owners of the organization.

screenshot of the lab assistants page on Learning Lab

Registering a new Lab Assistants team

To register a new Lab Assistants team on Learning Lab, perform the following:

  1. Access the Admin page for your organization by appending /admin to the URL of your Learning Lab site
  2. Click Lab Assistants
  3. Click Create a Lab Assistants team
  4. Name your new team lab-assistants. Feel free to give your team a description, select the appropriate parent team and visibility
  5. Like you would for any other team on GitHub, add members to the team.

You can find more information about teams on GitHub in About teams.