On September 1, 2022, GitHub Learning Lab will shut down.
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Building: Step links

GitHub Learning Lab is no longer accepting new public courses from outside of GitHub.

Step links are used to direct users to a specific issue or pull request to find the bot instructions for the next activity.

Usage example

The following example shows how you would create an issue in the before step and then use that url in the step link. Note the store: property added to the before block and how we call it in the link: property of the first step:

  - type: createIssue
    title: Getting Started with GitHub
    body: introduction.md
      first_issue_url: '{{ result.data.html_url }}'

- title: Turn on GitHub Pages
  description: Turn on GitHub Pages in the settings page of the repository.
  event: page_build
  link: '{{ store.first_issue_url }}'
  - type: respond
    issue: Getting Started with GitHub
    with: close-issue.md