Making changes to your course

GitHub Learning Lab takes care of any changes you make in your courses to update your learners. Details on the versioning schema can be found in Course versioning.

How to make changes to your course repository

Draft courses created from branches will only be created on published courses.

  1. Commit the change(s) to a branch on your repository and open a pull request against master.
  2. A draft course for your branch will be available at /:org/:course/:branch, where :branch is the name of your branch.
  3. Verify the change(s) don't break your course by:
    • taking the course
    • reviewing the commit status from the Learning Lab app
  4. Merge the branch into master.
  5. The course will automatically update with your changes.

If you merged a major change, Learning Lab will notify any learners currently in progress.

How to make changes to your template repository

  1. Commit the change(s) to any branches on your template repository.
  2. Navigate to your course's page on Learning Lab.
  3. Click on Course dashboard.
  4. Click on Template repo.
  5. Click on Re-sync repository.

screenshot of synching the template repo