On September 1, 2022, GitHub Learning Lab will shut down.
Read more on the GitHub blog and check out GitHub Skills for courses backed by GitHub Actions.

Publishing your course

GitHub Learning Lab is no longer accepting new public courses from outside of GitHub.

When first created, your course is in a pending state. Once you've tested your course, you'll want to publish it for the world to see!

How to publish

A course that's in a pending state can be published as follows:

  1. Navigate to the course administration page.
  2. Scroll down to the red, bounded area. screenshot of the publishing area
  3. Click 🚀 Publish this course
  4. Click OK on the dialog box.

Your course will now be publicly accessible, or accessible by members of your organization if it is private.

Making updates to your course

Future changes to your course repository's default branch will automatically update the course. Instead of making changes directly on the default branch, we recommend that you make changes in a new branch and then create a pull request. Creating the pull request will create a draft version of the course for you to test. You will "publish" draft versions by merging the pull request.

See Making changes for more information.