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Sample outline for Introduction to GitHub (list)

This is the outline used when designing Introduction to GitHub.

  1. Bot creates repo
  2. First event: Assign an issue to yourself.
  3. Bot creates first issue “Turn on GitHub Pages”, asking user first to assign the issue to themselves.
  4. User assigns themselves
  5. First event completed: Assign an issue to yourself
  6. Second event: Turn on GitHub Pages
  7. Bot comments asking user to turn on GitHub Pages.
  8. User turns on GitHub Pages.
  9. User drops the link to their GitHub Pages site on the issue.
  10. Bot validates link.
  11. Bot validates that GitHub Pages is turned on.
  12. Second event completed: Turn on GitHub Pages.
  13. Third event: Create a branch.
  14. Bot opens an issue “Your first contribution”
  15. User creates a branch.
  16. Third event completed: Create a branch.
  17. Fourth event: Commit your first file.
  18. Bot drops a note with instructions to commit a file from the web UI.
  19. User commits file from the web UI.
  20. Fourth event complete: Commit your first file.
  21. Fifth event: Open a pull request.
  22. Bot drops a note with instructions to open a pull request.
  23. User opens a pull request.
  24. Fifth event complete: Open a pull request.
  25. Sixth event: Respond to a review.
  26. Bot reviews open PR.
  27. Bot sets PR statuses.
  28. Bot asks users to do X.
  29. User does X.
  30. Bot updates PR statuses.
  31. Bot approves PR.
  32. Sixth event complete: Respond to a review.
  33. Seventh event: Merge a pull request.
  34. Bot drops a note in the PR asking user to merge.
  35. User merges
  36. Bot asks user to delete their branch.
  37. User deletes their branch.
  38. Seventh event complete: Merge a pull request.