Testing your course

If you used the course builder, you course will be in a Pending state. While pending, you can test your courses by going to the course dashboard, and clicking on View course page next to the course title. If you didn't use the course builder, follow the instructions in Manual repository setup before testing.

To test:

  1. Navigate to your course by going to https://lab.github.com/:owner/:title, replacing :owner with the login of the owner and :title with the slugified title of course.
    • To see all versions of our course, navigate to https://lab.github.com/:owner/:title/admin.
  2. Verify the course description.
  3. Register for the course.
  4. Verify the repo was created for you as a learner.
  5. Complete the steps in your course.
  6. Click on all links in your course.

Making updates to your course

As you test your course, it is likely that you'll want to make updates. Pushing any changes to your course repository's master branch will automatically update the course. See Keep in sync for more information.

Error handling

As you test your course, you'll run into errors and bugs. Sometimes, recognizing where you got stuck and giving a close look at the config.yml will show you exactly where you've run into issues.

Other times, you might need some extra context. Once a course repository has been updated (even for draft versions), the Learning Lab app will report a status back to that repository indicating whether your course was properly updated. This will be visible in the repository's commit history, or in pull requests.

screenshot of the Learning Lab bot CI