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Writing a course

Course builder

The quickest (and easiest) way to create a course on Learning Lab is through the new course creation page. The course builder will complete the following steps for you:

  1. Create a course repository from the helpful starter template
  2. Create an empty template repository (don't worry, you can replace it if you already have one)
  3. Create a draft of the course so you'll be ready to test
  4. Open the course editor

You're ready to get started. Need advice on where to go from here? We'll cover that below.

Quickstart: Writing Great Courses

A course on GitHub Learning Lab is an individual unit of interactive study. Learners complete a course by taking steps in a GitHub repository. When a learner takes a step, the Learning Lab bot responds and moves the course forward.

1. Plan your course

Learning Lab courses are designed around hands-on application of the skills being taught. We've distilled the process we use to build courses into a step-by-step planning guide.

2. Build your course

Once you have a plan, it's time to bring it to life. First, set up your template repository with the starter code for your learners. Then, use the course builder to design the interaction with the learner. If you used the Learning Lab course builder, you can edit the course repository by:

  • Navigating to your Learning Lab dashboard
  • Selecting the course from the list (it should be in draft) to access the course dashboard
  • Clicking Edit course
GitHub Learning Lab's mascot There is also a course for Writing a Learning Lab.

3. Test your course

While your course is in draft, you and other administrators of the course repository will be able to test the course. To access the draft version of the course, click View course page from the course dashboard.

4. Publish your course

When you're happy with your course, make it visible on Learning Lab by clicking Publish this course on the course dashboard. Public courses are available to everyone, private courses are available to organizations.