Hello, GitHub Actions!

Your "Hello, World" for GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions
Hello World

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GitHub Learning Lab is an integrated learning experience to help you learn how to use GitHub by using GitHub. Complete courses at your own pace on collaboration, workflow, and more.

Automation is key for streamlining your work processes, and GitHub Actions are the best way to supercharge your workflow.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Organize and identify workflow files
  • Add executable scripts
  • Create workflow and action blocks
  • Trigger workflows
  • Discover workflow logs

Note: This course will only work for members of the GitHub Actions limited public beta. To join the beta, Sign up for GitHub Actions Beta and ensure you've received an email confirming GitHub Actions is enabled on your account before joining this course.

GitHub Actions is currently in limited public beta and is subject to change. We strongly recommend that you do not use this feature for high-value workflows and content during the beta period. For more information, see "About GitHub Actions".

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