Hello, GitHub Actions!

Create a GitHub Action and use it in a workflow.

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Automation is key for streamlining your work processes, and GitHub Actions are the best way to supercharge your workflow.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Organize and identify workflow files
  • Add executable scripts
  • Create workflow and action blocks
  • Trigger workflows
  • Discover workflow logs

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Steps to complete this course 6
  1. Add a Dockerfile

    Start your action by creating a Dockerfile

  2. Add an entrypoint script

    Script out how your action will run with an entrypoint script

  3. Start your workflow file

    Get your workflow kicked off with the workflow file

  4. Run an action from your workflow file

    Specify a job and call actions within your workflow file

  5. Trigger the workflow

    See your push trigger the workflow you've created and run your action

  6. Incorporate the workflow

    Merge your branch for the workflow to become incorporated

GitHub Actions
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