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Become an open source enterprise

Learn about open source in the enterprise. It's about more than just contributing!

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Learn about open source in the enterprise. It's about more than just contributing!

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  1. What is open source? Explained in Legos

    Before getting into the details of open source within an organization, clarify your idea of what open source software means and how it's used.

  2. The state of enterprise open source: A Red Hat report

    Participation in open source software is the future. If you're not already convinced of this, The State of Enterprise Open Source will probably change your mind.

  3. Leverage and contribute to open source software on behalf of your organization by creating an open source program.

  4. Open source workflows: First contributions

    This guided tutorial will walk you through the steps of an open source workflow. Fork, clone, branch, and gain approval in a pull request to see how work is done in open source.

  5. Starting an open source project

    This in-depth guide is a built on the advice of experts from the Linux Foundation. With many of the same themes as other resources in this learning path, this guide will tell you where to start and what to look forward to.

  6. There are millions of projects on GitHub, all competing for attention from the millions of open source contributors available to help. Learn how to help your project stand out.

  7. Building a community

    Build a community that encourages people to use, contribute to, and evangelize your project. This guide covers how to set your project up for success from the beginning, and foster community throughout your project's growth.

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