Connect the dots in a GitHub repository

This course will teach you skills for finding relevant conversations, commits, and projects in a repository.

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Have you ever worked in a repository with a lot of history? Perhaps you've had to track down related issues and pull requests in the past, or you've had to find who committed a particular change. If you've ever found yourself in any of these situations, you'll know how important it is to navigate your workspace.

Before you take this course, you may want to go through the Introduction to GitHub course on Learning Lab.

In this course, you'll learn how to do lots of things, like:

  • Find relevant issues and pull requests
  • Search history to find context
  • Make connections within GitHub to help others find things

This course has a dedicated message board on the GitHub Community website. If you want to discuss this course with GitHub Trainers or other participants create a post over there. The message board can also be used to troubleshoot any issue you encounter while taking this course.

Steps to complete this course 7
  1. References within issues

    Find and close the duplicate cross-linked issue

  2. Create a crosslink

    Find the relevant or duplicate issue or pull request, and create a crosslink

  3. Find a commit

    Find the commit associated with the creation of the sidebar file

  4. Find context

    Create a link to the pull request where the commit was created

  5. Assign yourself

    Assign yourself to the pull request with a broken build

  6. Fix the broken build

    Fix the broken build in the pull request with a new commit

  7. Merge

    Merge the final pull request

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15 minutes


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