GitHub Actions: Continuous Delivery

Create two deployment workflows using AWS.

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This course is about continuous delivery, or CD, with GitHub Actions. We create two workflows to deploy our app to an AWS S3 bucket automatically. CD is an important part of modern software development, and it has a big meaning. CD is the practice of delivering software faster and with higher quality. To do this, it takes many different practices, behaviors, and technologies.

In this course, we focus on workflows to deploy pull requests automatically to a staging environment, and to deploy all merged commits to production. In this course, you will:

  • Create two workflow files
  • Configure AWS S3 for deployment
  • Use secrets to store tokens
  • Deploy to staging and production
  • Practice using GitHub Actions
Steps to complete this course 11
  1. Configure a trigger based on labels

    Configure the workflow trigger based on an a label being added

  2. Trigger a job on specific labels

    Use a conditional to trigger a job on a specific label

  3. Deploy a Node.js app to AWS for the first time

    Use the GitHub-created action to deploy to AWS

  4. Merge the staging workflow

    Merge this staging workflow pull request

  5. Create an S3 bucket

    Create an S3 bucket in AWS and tell the action where to find it

  6. Approve pull request

    Approve pull request adding the aws-config.yml and sam-template.yml

  7. Test the staging action

    Test the new action to deploy labeled pull requests to staging

  8. Write the production deployment trigger

    Write the production deployment trigger in the new workflow

  9. Complete the deployment to production workflow

    Commit the steps to the production workflow that allow you to deploy on merge to master.

  10. Create the Docker image and push it to GitHub Packages

    Add a step to the workflow for building and pushing a Docker image to GitHub Packages.

  11. Merge the production workflow

    Merge this pull request and test the production deployment workflow

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Continuous Delivery
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