GitHub Actions: Continuous Integration

Use GitHub Actions to automate your unit tests

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GitHub Actions makes it easier than ever to incorporate continuous integration (CI) into your repositories. ​ This course will get you from zero-to-CI by setting up two workflow files to automate the way you work.

After taking this course, you'll be able to:

  • Describe CI and why it is necessary
  • Use and customize a templated workflow
  • Create CI workflows that match the team's needs and behaviors
  • Use the repository's source code and build artifacts (like compiled source code) across jobs in a workflow
  • Implement a unit testing framework using GitHub Actions
  • Create a workflow that runs tests and produces test reports
  • Set up a matrix build to create build artifacts for multiple target platforms
  • Save a repository's build artifacts
  • Access saved build artifacts
  • Choose virtual environments for the application's CI needs

This course has a dedicated message board on the GitHub Community website. If you want to discuss this course with GitHub Trainers or other participants create a post over there. The message board can also be used to troubleshoot any issue you encounter while taking this course.

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