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Introduction to Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a human-centric approach to creating solutions. This course will teach you the principles of Design Thinking and walk you through applying its five phases to your projects.

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Course description

Design Thinking is human-centric. It puts people first, before thinking about technology, to enable them to achieve more. According to Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, Design Thinking is "a human-centered approach to innovation" that allows people across any industry to deliver stronger and more meaningful - even revolutionary - products. In this course, we'll introduces the core principles and key phases of Design Thinking.

What you'll learn

We'll answer common questions like:

  • What is Design Thinking and how does it apply to technical projects?
  • What are the core principles of Design Thinking?
  • What are the five commonly recognized phases of Design Thinking?
  • How can we use these phases to develop more innovative solutions?

And when you're done you'll be able to:

  • Apply Design Thinking to technical projects to enable more creative and innovative solutions.
  • Relate the five phases of Design Thinking to the Agile Software Development framework.
  • Leverage the core principles and key phases of Design Thinking to envision and define more meaningful solutions.

What you'll build


None. This course is a great introduction to Design Thinking for anyone involved in technical projects.


Developers, students, managers, teams

Steps to complete this course 12
  1. Answer your first challenge question

    Determine the focus of Design Thinking.

  2. Answer the MVP challenge

    Discover the definition of MVP and important considerations in Design Thinking.

  3. Merge the MVP pull request

    Beef up your Design Thinking toolkit with resources about Minimum Viable Product.

  4. Answer the core principles challenge

    Learn about the three central principles of Design Thinking.

  5. Merge the five phases pull request

    Add resources about the five phases of Design Thinking to your toolkit.

  6. Answer the empathize challenge question

    Learn how to use empathy as a tool in Design Thinking.

  7. Merge the empathize pull request

    Add the empathy content to your Design Thinking toolkit.

  8. Answer the define & ideate challenge question

    Learn how to use the define & ideate phases of Design Thinking.

  9. Merge the define & ideate pull request

    Add the define & ideate content to your Design Thinking toolkit.

  10. Answer the prototype & test challenge question

    Learn how to use the prototype & test phases of Design Thinking.

  11. Merge the prototype & test pull request

    Add the prototype & test content to your Design Thinking toolkit.

  12. Enable GitHub Pages

    Publish your Design Thinking toolkit by turning on GitHub Pages.

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