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If you are an aspiring developer, creating a simple webpage is a great way to take your first steps into the exciting world of programming. The first skill you should learn is HTML.

HTML is the markup language that forms the backbone of the internet. In this course, you will build a clean, stunning webpage using HTML. As you build your page, we will show you how you can use GitHub Pages to host your website free of charge. Your new HTML skills will form an important foundation in your journey as a new developer.

In this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Make a simple HTML website
  • Use foundational HTML concepts, like tags, headers, lists, images, and links
  • Publish your page to the web using GitHub Pages

This course has a dedicated message board on the GitHub Community website. If you want to discuss this course with GitHub Trainers or other participants create a post over there. The message board can also be used to troubleshoot any issue you encounter while taking this course.

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