Introduction to React

In this course, you will learn the basics of React.js through building a gradebook web application to manage assignments, students, and grades.

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Welcome to React

Congratulations on taking some of your first steps into full stack development.

So why did you decide to click and join this course? Ideally, you are a learner who:

  • Understands HTML tags
  • Understands classes and methods in JavaScript
  • Understands Git and GitHub

If you understand the topics above, you can start learning modern frontend development with React.

So why do we learn React?

React has growing popularity in the tech industry because of its simplicity. With a simple knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, picking up React shouldn't be too bad.

What we will be building

So what are we going to be building today? We are going to build a gradebook for teachers! Take a look at our solution to see how the finished app looks.

You will be able to add assignments: Finished Assignments

You will be able to add students: Finished Students

You will be able to assign grades to those students for each assignment: Finished Grades

Steps to complete this course 11
  1. Open a pull request

    Welcome to React! Let's get started with our project.

  2. Add a header component

    Give your app a title by adding a header component

  3. Import a child component

    Import a child component into its parent

  4. Uncomment assignments section

    Add the ability to create assignments

  5. Replace the title prop

    Pass a title prop to the List child component

  6. Add a state variable

    Add a students state variable to keep track of students

  7. Create a method

    Create a method to add students to our state

  8. Bind a method

    Bind the addStudents method to our class

  9. Pass functions as props

    Learn how to pass data back to parent components

  10. Get your pull request approved

    Let's confirm you made the right changes

  11. Merge your pull request

    Congrats on finishing the course!

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