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Migrating your repository to GitHub

You're a migration away from using a full suite of development tools and premier third-party apps on GitHub. This course helps you seamlessly move code to GitHub and sets you up to do more after you make the move.

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Moving your project from a legacy version control system is easy. If your project is currently on Subversion, Mercurial or another Git server, you can take it to the next level with GitHub's collaborative tools, uncompromised security, and premier third-party apps.

This course helps you seamlessly migrate a project using GitHub's importer tool. Along the way, we will also discuss important steps for preparing and sharing your project.

What you'll learn

We'll answer common questions like:

  • What are some important considerations before migrating?
  • What preparations do you need to make to ensure a successful migration?
  • How do you handle binary files?
  • How do you create and use a .gitignore file?

And when you're done you'll be able to:

  • Prepare your project for a successful migration
  • Handle any binary files currently stored in your project
  • Create important Git files like a .gitignore
  • Import your project to GitHub

What you'll build

We'll be walking through how to migrate your repository to GitHub:


None. This course is a great introduction for your first day on GitHub.


New developers, new GitHub users, users new to Git, students, managers, teams

Steps to complete this course 4
  1. Plan the migration

    Explore your options for making the move to GitHub

  2. Prepare the project

    Get your project ready to be moved to GitHub

  3. Public or private repository?

    Understand the difference between a public and private repository

  4. Complete the Import

    Publish your project on GitHub

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18 minutes


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