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Reviewing pull requests

See how collaboration works on GitHub and start building great things, together.

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This course will dive into how you can get your best work done by identifying when and how to request a review, how to perform a review for someone else's pull request, and other awesome collaboration methods.

All great projects start with collaboration. Pull requests are the foundation of teamwork on GitHub — and pull request reviews give you the ability to work together and discuss changes specific to a pull request by commenting, requesting changes, or approving.

What you'll learn

We'll answer common questions like:

  • What is a pull request?
  • How do I request, review, or comment on a pull request?
  • How do I accept changes introduced by a pull request review?
  • What are the responsibilities of a reviewer?
  • What's a CODEOWNERS file?
  • What's a diff and how do I use it?
  • How do I implement changes from a pull request review?
  • How can I suggest a change when reviewing a pull request?

And when you're done you'll be able to:

  • Create a pull request
  • Comment on pull requests
  • Leave reviews on pull requests
  • Know what’s expected when reviewing pull requests
  • Request pull request reviews
  • Accept changes introduced by a pull request review

What you'll build

We'll be building a tetris game!


None. This course is a great introduction to using pull requests.

Projects used


Developers, new GitHub users, users new to Git, students, managers, teams

Steps to complete this course 8
  1. Assign Yourself

    Assign yourself to the first issue in this repository.

  2. Comment on a pull request

    Comment on the pull request opened in your repository.

  3. Approve a pull request

    Approve the pull request so that it can be merged.

  4. Requesting changes

    Leave a review that is requesting changes.

  5. Practice reviews

    Approve the pull request that has been changed.

  6. Open a pull request from readme-update

    Create a pull request to learn about suggesting changes.

  7. Apply the suggestion

    Implement a change from a suggested change.

  8. Merge the pull request

    Merge the pull request after applying the suggested change.

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Average time to complete

30 minutes


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