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Starting with TypeScript

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Steps to complete this course 10
  1. Install Git

    Learn how to install Git

  2. Install NodeJS

    Learn how to install NodeJS

  3. Install VS Code Insiders

    Learn how to install VS Code Insiders

  4. Install TypeScript

    Learn how to install TypeScript

  5. Support your teammates

    Learn which difficulties could arise on different operating systems and get used to tackle issues :)

  6. Clone this repository and open the folder in Visual Code Insiders

    Learn how to git clone a repository and get started to develop in Visual Studio Code

  7. Create an HTML File

    Learn how to create an HTML file which uses JavaScript Functions

  8. Create a TypeScript File with a function named doIt() which alerts hello world

    Learn how to create a TypeScript file

  9. Transpile the TypeScript File's content to JavaScript

    Learn how to transpile from TypeScript to JavaScript

  10. Open the HTML File via a Browser

    Open the HTML file and play around with it

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